[VIDEOS] Questions you don’t know how to answer | #Facebook

January 28, 2020


“Questions You Don’t Know How to Answer” series is a set of 30 second spots prepared for my Facebook page Greg Lewicki: Global Future Studies (or just type greg2future in to FB search window). Six clips have been released thus far, each asking different questions. They will be posted below as the time unfolds. www.facebook.com/greg2future […]

[Interview] Our Islamic Future. Why the EU is like the Roman Empire and what alienated Muslims will do about it: a 2050 perspective

May 5, 2018


In medieval Europe a ruler could force a religion on his region, says dr Greg Lewicki in an interview for Alukah.net by Abdur-Rahman Abou Almajd. Now, thanks to democracy, the rule returns inverted and it is a region that can force a religion on a ruler. This is why in 2050 Islam will continue to grow […]