[6 VIDEOS] Questions you don’t know how to answer on my new Facebook page

Posted on 01/28/2020


“Questions You Don’t Know How to Answer” series is a set of 30 second promo spots prepared for my new Facebook page Greg Lewicki: Global Future Studies (you can also find it by typing greg2future in to FB search window). Six clips have been prepared thus far, each asking different questions. They will be posted below as the time unfolds.

If you are using Facebook and we haven’t connected yet, the time is now! Enjoy the clips and stay in touch.

(1) How on Earth

Idea: Thanks to certain tools we can estimate not only who owns which parts of the internet, but also whether the European Union is following in the structural footsteps of the ancient Roman Empire.


(2) Can #Bigdata Tell

Idea: By referring to certain developmental qualities we can not only measure the power of entire civilizations, but also the ability of global powers to manipulate international information flows


(3) Did You Know that They

Idea: In principle, the geopolitics of the internet is all about the unbelievable advantage that comes with the knowledge on who you are and what are your desires.


(4) How the Hell

Idea: although foresight is a tricky business, econometrics coupled with geopolitical analysis and focus on digital power struggle may generate a very valuable insight…


(5) Coronvirus. What if I told you… ?

Idea: What if I told you this virus could have been prevented? This video has slightly different form and length than the previous ones.


(6) As People Roam

Idea: COVID19 aside, in the years to come we will be perplexed by many other gamechaning strategic trends. From great migration, through the Digital World Order to the political changes related to the global warming, some things demand our attention.


(7) Coming soon…