In media

Examples of media appearances (in Polish):

tvp2-logo On a UK politics and reform of European Union



On EU, energy supply and immigration as geopolitical weapons



On Nigel Farage, British politics and Polish migrants


polskie-radio On 4th  anniversary of Smolensk plane crash catastrophe (in English)

tvn24-bisOn American geopolitics in 2014 and conflict among Syrian rebels (live)

Polsat-logoWhy love scandal can be beneficial for a French politician (TV news)

radio-kampusOn the possible independence of Scotland and 2014 referendum (live)

radio-trojka-logo On post-communism, poverty and migration (podcast)

radio-pin-logo Rouhani, handshakes, UN corridors and cold gaze of Ajatollah (mp3)

tvp-logo About Boston marthon bombings and Tsarnaev brothers (video)

radio-tokfm-logoOn Zimmerman’s case and roots of racism in the USA (mp3)

Gazeta_Wyborcza_logo On returning to Poland after living abroad (interview)


BiznesAlert On political and business games on the European energy market (interview)




On current transatlantic relations

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