Research on Civilizations

Institute for Research on Civilizations ( is a non-profit  association specialized in conducting trainings, international study trips, research on geopolitics and creating long term diplomatic network aimed at the support of civil society in developing countries. Its present form evolved from the student society I founded under the supervision of prof. Piotr Klodkowski at Tischner European University (2004). Currently, the institute operates in two Polish cities: Rzeszow and Krakow, the latter of which is directed by dr Krzysztof Gurba. The institute cooperates with Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international educational institutions, NGOs and media.

Members gained experience by taking part in numerous activities held by Institute over last 5 years. Among the already completed projects are:

The Institute also deals with impact of science and technology on society.  It already organized many globalization academic workshops, debates, and events such as promotion of  knowledge about Tibet, Malaysia, Iran or situation of immigrants in Poland.  Members of Institute participated in many international events and gained professional experience inter alia in United States (UN), Israel/Palestine and Asia. Another form of activity is  holding artistic, photographic exhibitions and multimedia projections. The institute is also a think-tank – it already published multilingual (so far in Polish, English and Russian languages) reports on international relations.


Tel. (+48) 012 683 24 81, fax. (+48) 0 12 683 24 32  ; e-mail:; or through this webpage.