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The USA is returning to the Middle-Earth

July 24, 2022


Sauron did not know he was uniting Middle-earth. Russia does not know that it will unite the West It is an open secret that an informal ban on the use of the word ‘the West’ by diplomats has been established in two of Europe’s most influential capitals. Why? Because ‘the West’, or ‘Western civilisation’, is […]

[Idea] Der neue jagiellonische Multikulturalismus als Antwort auf die Migrationsprobleme Europas (DE)

June 29, 2020


This is an edited German translation of an essay “New Jagiellonian Multiculturalism as an Answer to Migration Related Problems of Europe”, published originally in Polish in Pressje Magazine, Volume 51-52 (2018). The German translation by Antoni Władyka was first published on “Mein Warschau” website on 29-06.2020.   (1) Niederlage des Multikulti 1.0 Bisher stabile Staaten […]

[Interview] Our Islamic Future. Why the EU is like the Roman Empire and what alienated Muslims will do about it: a 2050 perspective

May 5, 2018


In medieval Europe a ruler could force a religion on his region, says dr Greg Lewicki in an interview for by Abdur-Rahman Abou Almajd. Now, thanks to democracy, the rule returns inverted and it is a region that can force a religion on a ruler. This is why in 2050 Islam will continue to grow […]

“Cities in the Neomedieval Era” Available for Download! On Return of Middle Ages to Politics, Culture, Society, Law and Urbanism

July 5, 2017


Italian writer Umberto Eco and British political scientist Hedley Bull were right: in spite of the dashing technological progress we are returning to the Middles Ages. And fast. The era ahead of us is a period of fragmented identity, future shock, alienation, segregation, uncertainty and the growing impact of religion on the public life. How […]

“State Power Index 1991-2017”. First Country Ranking to Offer Balance between Hard and Soft Power

July 1, 2017


What are the most powerful countries in the world? Which place in the ranking of 168 countries did your country achieve and why? What global trends in terms of politics, culture, geography diplomacy and economics shape the global dynamics today? These are the questions answered by “State Power Index 1991-2017” report I co-authored.   The […]