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Nadchodzi nowy proletariat: cywilizacja helleńska a zachodnia według Arnolda Toynbee (The Advent of New Proletariat: Hellenic and Western Civilizations in Toynbee’s “Study of History), Centre for Political Thought, 2012. [KUP KSIĄŻKĘ |  RECENZJA w dzienniku “Rzeczpospolita“]

The book revitalizes some social categories used by  Arnold Toynbee. It first  describes Toynbee’s theory of growth and collapse of civilization and explores controversies related to his work. Then it re-evaluates Toynbee’s heritage and updates  his intuition: a non-Marxian interpretation of classical term “proletariat” is applied to game-theoretically analyze current systems of beliefs in the European Union (Christianity, Islam, non-religion) [MORE]


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miasta-w-nowym-sredniowieczu-okladkaMiasta w nowym średniowieczu (ed.) (Cities in the neomedieval era), IMPART, Wrocław 2016. [download PDF of Polish edition] [mirror]

This bilingual, prognostic book (Polish and English editions) I edited is a first existing approach towards integreting neomedievalism  into a holistic theory of neomedievalism as an original theory of globalization. This “integral neomedievalism” uses analogy to macrostructures and processes present in the Middle Ages as a pragmatic-cognitive tool to be used in prognostics as a theoretical framework. Taking as a base neomedievalism in international relations theory and juxtaposing it with medieval intuitions by other authors (among others: Umberto Eco, S.G. Nichols, Jan Zielonka) I claim that neomedieval phenomena can be noticed by scholars in various disciplines. Then I ilustrate the thesis by five essays, which apply principles of neomedievalism to study different aspects of global trends. The essays inlude contributions by Piotr Kłodkowski (culture, identity and law), Kees Terlouw (urbanism), Paweł Musiałek (international relations), Michał Zabdyr-Jamróz (sociology of cities), Jarosław Włodarczyk (information and media theory) and myself. As a result a stub of a new theory of globalization is put forward, which analyses current phenomena through creative analogy to the past processes present in the Middle Ages.

The book was written for Miasto Przyszłości/Laboratorium Wrocław in the  the framework European Capitol of Culture 2016.


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