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New feudalism. Choose your liege lord wisely

September 23, 2021


Originally posted on Neomedievalism:
In brief: I define new feudalism as a bundle of the four following trends: (1) appropriation of market niches by digital platforms; (2) transformation of the relationship between the state and the citizen in the direction of greater protectionism; (3) digital lightness of being, i.e. the graual transformation of the psychological…

Neomedievalism explained: 7 key megatrends that are transforming XXIst century

May 21, 2021


Originally posted on Neomedievalism:
Tl;dr: neomedievalism in prognostics is a bundle of at least 7 interconnected megatrends in the following areas:(1) International relations: the emergence of a network state(2) Demography and migration: the new Great Migration(3) Religion and ethnicity: their growing impact on political dynamics(4) Law: the crawling emergence of legal pluralim. i.e. many legal…

[VIDEOS] Questions you don’t know how to answer | #Facebook

January 28, 2020


“Questions You Don’t Know How to Answer” series is a set of 30 second spots prepared for my Facebook page Greg Lewicki: Global Future Studies (or just type greg2future in to FB search window). Six clips have been released thus far, each asking different questions. They will be posted below as the time unfolds. […]

Returning visitor? See what’s new!

April 24, 2010

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To economize browsing by returning visitors, this page will contain the information about latest actualizations. 18/03/2010 added a new subpage describing my general vision  (Telos) to the “Curriculum Vitae” tab. 22/02/2010 added a new stub of a novel (Sati – Aporia in the Anthill) to the “Literary Work” tab, while reorganizing the structure of the […]

Polish president killed in Russian plane crash

April 10, 2010


Polish President, the deputies, the intellectuals, clergy, veterans, NGO leaders… all gone. Killed on their way to commemorate the murder of Polish intelligentsia… Moiras laugh at the God’s Playground today. _________________ Requiescatis in pace _________________ (Reuters) – Polish President Lech Kaczynski was killed when a plane carrying 132 people crashed in thick fog on its […]