Short CV

Dr Greg Grzegorz Lewicki – foresight and communications consultant for public and private sectors (incl. Big Four), philosopher, TEDx speaker. Graduate of London School of Economics with a focus on game theory as well as Maastricht University with a focus on future of science. Within his PhD at Jagiellonian University he studied evolution of socio-political complexity and the notion of “a civilization”. He is currently a contributor to projects for international business consulting companies, a non-residential fellow at the Polish Economic Institute (Warsaw) and research fellow at War Studies University (Warsaw). Greg authored a few hundred press articles on sci-tech and international affairs for both international and Polish media. In the past he served as an international observer at UN Commission of Social Development in New York and authored reports commissioned by the Polish government, international consulting companies and the European Commission. His recent publications include: “State Power Index”(2017, 2018), the first index that measures and compares power of 168 countries in the world in 7 dimensions, including hard and soft power; “Cities in the Neomedieval Era” (2016), an anthology that develops the idea of the New Middle Ages into a tool for prognostics and an essay “Return of Toynbee. European Union as universal state, Muslims as internal proletariat” (2017). His essays were translated into 6 languages. Contact: