I can offer You services and cooperation regarding both theoretical analysis and practice.

  • Journalism – fresh and balanced journalistic insight  into Polish and European affairs (social, philosophical and political issues), conducted – if needed – from the specific Eastern European perspective.
  • Lecturing in the area of philosophy, political science and social sciences (more detailed information here)
  • Expert analysis (written or spoken) regarding public image/branding, geopolitics, Christianity and Islam, European demography, postmodernism, international relations, as well as modern science and technology in their relation to society.
  • Networking/diplomacy – public relations, data processing and representation in the area of public service.
  • Creating culture – other undertakings aiming at forging the peaceful, yet lively  future for European Union and the Western Civilization.

My work experience in a snapshot: Press and TV Journalism,  International Relations, Diplomacy & Government, Geopolitical and Demographical Analysis, Social and Religious Trends Analysis, NGO leader, Translator English-Polish and Polish-English (more: CV).

We can cooperate on both (1) personal and (2) institutional level.

Please find below an example of my: