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[Idea] Der neue jagiellonische Multikulturalismus als Antwort auf die Migrationsprobleme Europas (DE)

June 29, 2020


This is an edited German translation of an essay “New Jagiellonian Multiculturalism as an Answer to Migration Related Problems of Europe”, published originally in Polish in Pressje Magazine, Volume 51-52 (2018). The German translation by Antoni Władyka was first published on “Mein Warschau” website on 29-06.2020.   (1) Niederlage des Multikulti 1.0 Bisher stabile Staaten […]

TEDx Goodenough College: Collapse of Complex Society: Learning From History

June 26, 2011


Check out my TEDx talk on ‘Collapse of Complex Society: Can We Learn From History?‘ at the Goodenough College, London. Watch it at TEDx event website or directly at YouTube. The talk relates two great sociopolitical entities: Roman Empire and European Union thanks to the concepts of “complexity” and “energy”. To fulfill a promise of […]

Returning visitor? See what’s new!

April 24, 2010

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To economize browsing by returning visitors, this page will contain the information about latest actualizations. 18/03/2010 added a new subpage describing my general vision  (Telos) to the “Curriculum Vitae” tab. 22/02/2010 added a new stub of a novel (Sati – Aporia in the Anthill) to the “Literary Work” tab, while reorganizing the structure of the […]