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TEDx Goodenough College: Collapse of Complex Society: Learning From History

June 26, 2011


Check out my TEDx talk on ‘Collapse of Complex Society: Can We Learn From History?‘ at the Goodenough College, London. Watch it at TEDx event website or directly at YouTube. The talk relates two great sociopolitical entities: Roman Empire and European Union thanks to the concepts of “complexity” and “energy”. To fulfill a promise of […]

“Why the West Rules” – a milestone in Philosophy of History!

April 3, 2011


Ian Morris in his book “Why the West rules – for now” (2010) created something remarkable: an index of social advancement which allows us to compare societies from the past, present times and – possibly – future. The index consists of four variables: energy capture, war making capacity, organization and information technology. Apart from usefulness […]