“We meditate of our environment and this very thinking creates for us an idea, a map, a working plan of a pure problem and chaos, which at the beginning seems constitutive to our surroundings” – Jose Ortega y Gasset

The long term aim (gr. telos) is something that must be forged  through meditation before one starts to reshape his or her circumstance. It can be called a Vision. This denotes an imaginary scenario of the possible prospect of life. Having one, although not necessarily a sharp one, is crucial to undertake any motivated action. Such a working schedule, a checklist is always needed, if  one desires to actualize one’s life in accordance with the self built plan of the Will. Nietzsche was partially right here, just as the mystics of Christianity. Below you can find the contours of the goals I believe should be realized in Europe of XXIst century:

  • Political science: creating a measurable theory of civilizational change
  • European and Polish identity: introducing the Eastern European spirit to the process of advancing the European Union and European identity.
  • Geopolitical analysis: Providing a non-religious, pragmatic criterion for the comparison of the great world religions based on the methodological criterion of non-violence (ahinsa);
  • Philosophy: Acting for the restoration of both cultural vitality and tolerance to Europe with the help of research on the technological “future shock” (Toffler), which is flooding the Old Continent right now; rising the awareness of technological shift that will change humanity in a way we can so far only vaguely sketch;
  • Deconstructing some harmful tenets of postmodernity by its own means: through philosophical (mind) and literary (heart) activities, which will allow the  restoration of the notion of Truth to philosophy from the grounds of post-Nietzscheanism;