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Collusion – amazing tool to track the trackers

March 13, 2012


We know we are being followed in the web. But the extent to which we are tracked and the consequences of this fact have been something we are hardly aware of. Until now. A great application called Collusion allows you to track the trackers! From March 2012 on we are being officially followed by Google, […]

How to add blank lines to WordPress post or page?

February 26, 2012


A practical technicality. Many users of find it irritating that one cannot easily add “empty lines” to the the content of their posts and pages. This is because the CMS editor in the visual mode automatically gets rid of blank lines, thus depriving the user of the possibility to compose the content in accordance […]

“Perfect Imperfection” – Jacek Dukaj and the power of evolution

January 24, 2012


Jacek Dukaj rocks. Another  Polish science fiction writer, after Stanislav Lem, has a chance to become a cornerstone on the road of science fiction. His “Ice” will be soon translated into English. We should campaign for translation of “Perfect Imperfection” as well. Here’s why. It suffices to read the synopsis of Dukaj’s book “Perfect Imperfetion” […]

Google search – a few non-standard tricks

November 1, 2011


We use Google daily- the ability to use it determines the quality of our access to information. Below some non standard commands which might be useful in daily work of a journalist and researcher. I confess I note them here to have a fast access in case I would once forget them:  + and – […]

How to embed Youtube videos side by side in one row on WordPress?

September 24, 2011


As you develop your online presence with WordPress, the above question must surface sooner or later. You may want to present multiple vidoes important for the viewer of your website in one row, side by side.  However, a default WordPress YOUTUBE SHORTCODE, [ youtube=VIDEO-URL-HERE&w=WIDTH-NUMBER-HERE ]  (without spaces inside brackets) is frequently insufficient. It produces a […]

Vicious Programmers: How to change Windows 7 Starter wallpaper?

September 17, 2010


Some may laugh at this simple question –  every user of Windows knows that to change a wallpaper you just right click on the desktop to personalize it. But it is not the case with Windows 7 STARTER, they want you to admire Windows logo eternally. Normally, I do not publish news about technicalities, but […]