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Philosoverse 2012 – Around the World in 80 Lines

April 19, 2012


Philosoverse 2012, a new issue of a philosophical poetry volume has been recently published by London School of Economics. This year’s edition is entitled Around the World in 80 lines; its main part consists of a set of short, four verse poems exploring different characteristics of mainly non-Western civilizations. Apart from the information contained in […]

Collusion – amazing tool to track the trackers

March 13, 2012


We know we are being followed in the web. But the extent to which we are tracked and the consequences of this fact have been something we are hardly aware of. Until now. A great application called Collusion allows you to track the trackers! From March 2012 on we are being officially followed by Google, […]

TEDx Goodenough College: Collapse of Complex Society: Learning From History

June 26, 2011


Check out my TEDx talk on ‘Collapse of Complex Society: Can We Learn From History?‘ at the Goodenough College, London. Watch it at TEDx event website or directly at YouTube. The talk relates two great sociopolitical entities: Roman Empire and European Union thanks to the concepts of “complexity” and “energy”. To fulfill a promise of […]

“Philosoverse” – philosophers and poetry

March 20, 2011


Some students of the Philosophy Department at London School of Economics seem to have poetic inclinations. “Philosoverse” – a recent publication by LSE contains poetic contributions exploring various aspects of philosophers’  lives and biographies.  As the editors put it: Philosophy and poetry are disciplines with well-deserved reputations as superlative modes of expression. Philosophy is admired […]

Network Medievalism. Welcome to the New Middle Ages!

November 23, 2010


Welcome to the New Middle Ages! Casimir Pulaski Foundation has just published my policy paper that sketches a framework for an integral theory of social change called “network neomedievalism”. DOWNLOAD the English version of the paper. The paper (available also in Polish) is based on an article published previously in Polish Pressje Quarterly (No XX, […]

Polish Radio – my comments on the Community of Democracies

July 11, 2010


“You won’t teach the mountainmen who are illiterate that democracy is an inherent value in itself” – this and a  few other of my comments on the Community of Democracies in Krakow have been recently broadcast in “Diplomatic Bag” – a weekly program by the Polish Radio (External Service) aiming at English-speaking audience. You can […]