“Philosoverse” – philosophers and poetry

Posted on 03/20/2011


Some students of the Philosophy Department at London School of Economics seem to have poetic inclinations. “Philosoverse” – a recent publication by LSE contains poetic contributions exploring various aspects of philosophers’  lives and biographies.  As the editors put it:

Philosophy and poetry are disciplines with well-deserved reputations as superlative modes of expression. Philosophy is admired for its concise and logical argumentation, poetry for its metaphor and emotional evocation. But historically and conceptually they aren’t all that far apart. Both aspire to a level more fundamental than that of our daily lives – expressing and exposing what is hidden beneath the surface of everyday concerns.

Plato made no secret of his aversion to verse, but there is a long tradition of thinkers … who have combined the subtle cadence of poetry with the intellectual heft of rational argument. The desire to merge the poetic medium with the pursuit of philosophical investigation is what gave birth to Philosoverse.

For Your enjoyment, the whole publication is available online here. Check out my contribution and footnotes about Rene Descartes.