Welcome to the New Middle Ages!

Posted on 06/22/2010


The latest issue of Krakow Pressje Magazine is featuring my essay:


(Polish version: original article with tables)

(English version, shortened)


I am pointing out that in three areas of humanities – historiography, philosophy of culture and international relations the term “neomedievalism” has  already been used to describe global changes taking place in the latter half of the XXth century. Adding my own reflection on social sciences, economy and philosophy to finally extract the common qualities I try to point out that neomedievalism – in spite of being a common etiquette for many unrelated ideas – may become (after some philosophical tinkering) an up to date and useful concept  that utilizes a variety of tools, such as geopolitical analysis, network theory, complexity theory, statistical research and advanced prognostics.

Welcome to the New Middle Ages!