Death of Polish President – one day later

Posted on 04/11/2010


The following words are a part of an essay entitled “What is left from ‘Solidarity’ and solidarity for the future”  (Trieste University, Italy, 2010).

These days we are still overwhelmed by deep sorrow after the fatal plane crash on 10th April 2010, which brought death to the President of Poland, his wife, as well as ninety other members of Polish elites: the dozens of deputies, clergy, intellectuals, generals and survivors of Second World War. All this happened just one day before the Sunday of Divine Mercy. What a morbid analogy: five years earlier,  during the day preceding the Sunday of Divine Mercy died John Paul II. One might say: “it is only a coincidence”. But we would yearn to believe otherwise.

One can also add another dimension to this meaningful symbolic: the members of Polish government were killed on their way to commemorate with Russians the mass murders of Polish elites committed by Josef Stalin. The new decapitation of the Polish intelligentsia in the crash stimulated to outburst of national solidarity, with the churches and squares crowded, the candle lights lit and the tears running down in a short period of silence. One politician said: “let us hope this will consolidate us for longer than a short period of mourning”.

Pathei mathos – said the ancient Greeks. We learn through suffering. We have to.


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